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  The strength of the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) lies within its Community Associations who provide support, information, education, and advocacy programs and services to those affected by acquired brain injury in local communities. The effective operation of these associations across the province lends strength and credibility to the brain injury movement. This partnership provides greater legitimacy, credibility, economies of scale, development and training opportunities, an opportunity to contribute local expertise to provincial efforts, ability to avoid isolation and an opportunity for the sharing of ideas, successes and frustrations through an established network.

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OBIA and many participating community brain injury associations have formally affiliated.  

The affiliated associations’ main purposes are to provide a stronger voice for people living with acquired brain injury and to develop and produce province-wide programs. To date, those programs include: Peer Support Program; ABI Directory of Services; Provincial Conference; and Dual Membership.

All of these initiatives are developed by committees of the OBIA Advisory Council, which is made up of representatives from regional brain injury associations and OBIA.

The Ontario Brain Injury Association and its affiliates feel strongly that together we can work more effectively in improving the quality of life for those affected by acquired brain injury, and that we can only be as strong as our affiliates.

                                 Visit Their Site for More Information:

The Hamilton Community


Joint Initiatives

Open to HBIA participants and Brain Injury Services clients. As a result of a joint initiative between the Hamilton Brain Injury Association (HBIA) and Brain Injury Services, several activities sponsored by each organization are now open to the participants and clients of both organizations. 

Take a look at the BIS calendar and contact them if you have any questions: 

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