Our Committees

We rely on our committees to assist in the continued growth of our organization, fundraising events and operation of our volunteer-run educational injury prevention program.

Bikes, Blades & Boards Committee

Members: Rachel Willard (Chair), Rachel Kleiman (Co-Chair), Cherisse McKay, Christina Versteeg, Jeff Laskey, Jen Hendry, Katie George, Maxine Birdsell, Nermeen Estafanous, Paul Sartor, Peter Dyakowski

5K By the Bay Committee

Members: Jeff Laskey (Chair), Danielle Perkin (Co-Chair), Brenda Power Ahmad, Caresse LeBlanc, Erica Borsos, Katie George, Rachel Kleiman

Golf Committee

Members: Rachel Kleiman (Chair), Perry Scott (Co-Chair), Clare McCormack, Dave Gaylor, James Gilliam, Jay Morris, Jon Corry, Neil Pike, Paul Shamoon, Ryan Findlay, Steve Johnson

Fundraising Dinner Committee

Members: Kathy Gaudun (Chair), Rachel Kleiman (Co-Chair), Allison Clark, Dee Sperry, Elly Baker, Heather Hartfield, Jennifer Court, Jon Corry, Maxine Birdsell, Leeann Corbeil, Perry Scott, Sara Bedard, Shannon Fabac, Shehan Rajah

thank-you to our dedicated committee members that contribute a TREMENDOUS amount of their time to the Hamilton Brain Injury Association and our mission to ensure the quality of life for individuals living with the effects of abi and their loved ones.