Our Committees

We rely on our committees to assist in the continued growth of our organization and operation of our volunteer-run educational injury prevention program and fundraising events.

Bikes, Blades & Boards Committee

Members: Rachel Willard (Chair), Rachel Kleiman (Co-Chair), Cherisse McKay, Christina Versteeg, Jeff Laskey, Jen Hendry, Katie George, Maxine Birdsell, Nermeen Estafanous, Paul Sartor, Peter Dyakowski

5K By the Bay Committee

Members: Jeff Laskey (Chair), Danielle Perkin (Co-Chair), Brenda Power Ahmad, Caresse LeBlanc, Erica Borsos, Katie George, Rachel Kleiman

Golf Committee

Members: Rachel Kleiman (Chair), Perry Scott (Co-Chair), Carolyn Galand, Clare McCormack, Dave Gaylor, James Gilliam, Jay Morris, Jon Corry, Neenah Navasero, Paul Shamoon, Shelley Cosma, Steve Johnson

Fundraising Dinner Committee

Members: Kathy Gaudun (Chair), Rachel Kleiman (Co-Chair), Allison Clark, Dee Sperry, Elly Baker, Jennifer Court, Jon Corry, Kirsten Roberts, Maxine Birdsell, Leeann Corbeil, Perry Scott, Sara Bedard, Shannon Fabac, Shehan Rajah

thank-you to our dedicated committee members that contribute a TREMENDOUS amount of their time AND RESOURCES to the Hamilton Brain Injury Association and our mission to ensure the quality of life for SURvivors of abi and their loved ones.