Survivor Programming

HBIA’s Clubhouse, located at 822 Main Street East is a welcoming community space for individuals living with acquired brain injury.

The Clubhouse is a place to obtain support and increase independence, confidence and self-advocacy while developing an ongoing network of friendships. All Survivor Programming is open to adults living with the effects of brain injury.

Want to join us? Contact us or drop by the Clubhouse.


Survivor Support Groups provide survivors with the opportunity to share thoughts, experiences, interests and provide a platform to share feelings in a combined effort to better cope with an mange the complexity of living with brain injury in a safe environment. Our goal is to provide survivors with peer support while increasing socialization and mitigating the feelings of isolation after ABI.

HBIA offers the opportunity for survivors to participate in a variety of recreational and leisure opportunities that are driven by participants interest and focus on support, sharing skills and learning new things.

Some examples of these OPPORTUNITIES include:

  • Inclusive Game Series

  • Creators Group

  • SPCA Pet Visiting Program

  • Walking Club

  • Glee Club

  • Sign Language Club

Hours of Operation:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am-2:00 pm and Wednesday 1:00 pm-6:00 pm

More About Programs:

All programs are facilitated by a Group Facilitator and are free to attend unless otherwise specified. A formal intake will be conducted after a trial of our programs is completed.

Click here to download our printable monthly calendar or to view our online calendar.

I frequent the HBIA is a warm and welcoming place with people who understand the challenges of this, most often, invisible and misunderstood condition...The people within, both facilitators and ABI friends...continue to help me through some very dark times. In an life was changed forever. Still often feeling a victim, they help me work through it all and remind me that I am a survivor. Thank you to so many.
— HBIA Participant, Susan
The Clubhouse is a place where we all get together. It gives us time to express ourselves. Whereas at home, there is no communication. When you come here, you can expand your mind. Everyone benefits in a different way. It’s a community, and a social setting in society where we can be together.”
— HBIA Participant, Moss